Friday, September 22, 2006

The Grime News Vol. I

Hola and Welcome to the new home of the latest in Grimeology related jabber! We hope that your visit is both informative and stimulating. Make sure to pass the link on to those who you feel may be interested.

Alright, here we go:

/// Worcester, Massachusett's own BECCA HERSKOVITZ's debut release on Grimeology is almost ready for human consumption! "Just Like The Water" is a collection of Becca's songs written over the past few years, and it sounds incredible. Her honest sound, accompanied by her acoustic guitar, ranges from melancholy to blissful and everything in between. Check back soon for updates on when it will be available. The packaging is all handmade and designed by Grimeology's Matt Mayer. The first run of 20 discs will go fast, so make sure you get in touch with us if you want a copy (

/// On Saturday, September 23rd, Grimeology's A SNAKE IN THE GARDEN will be playing a show at Green Door Studios in Burlington, VT, opening for Boston's own queen of noise, Jessica Rylan aka CAN'T. This is sure to be a great show, so don't miss out.

live at green door studio (
20 howard st.
burlington VT
saturday, september 23rd 2006
all ages



/// There's some Greg news a-brewin'... GREG AWESOME (PST PST, ARCHITEUTHIS) is reportedly living in an RV in GREG GROGACH (PLYWOOD, PST PST, ARCHITEUTHIS)'s driveway somewhere in coastal Connecticut. The two have been working on an album of rumored epic proportions in between painting houses, operating ferries, and engaging in distinctly grimey activities. We are all excited to hear the fruits of their labors. Stay tuned for more info...

/// The first ever Grimeology split collaboration is on the horizon... Albuquerque, NM's artist/musician/overall-radguy NICHOLAS VENAGLIA will be getting together with DANGER!RAYGUN for a split album full of lovely soundscapes. Nick reportedly has a couple of tracks in the bag, and D!R has some stuff on the backburner waiting to be completed. Each musician's style is similar in that they are both rooted in turntable/sample-based electronic music, but different enough that the listener will be able to remain consistantly stoked on sound throughout the whole record. Check out and for audio treats.

That's all for the time being... I hope you close this window feeling grimey and informed. Be sure to pass on this blog to people you feel might dig on the ways of Grimeology... its only gonna get better.