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Arklight "Aphasia" cd-r
Long awaited disc from Queens, NY quartet Arklight. Gritty and blasted freeform rock with angular dance trance un-fusion. Pounding rhythms and psychedelic future-primitive axe shred coming out of a maxed-out boombox inside of a trashcan.
White cd-rs with xerox inserts inside a yellow Grimepack™ sleeve with milk-to-dark-chocolate split fountain screenprint.

Numbered edition of 50.

Triptych Trencher "Hallway For Chronic Liars" mini cd-r
One of the final recordings from inter-media artisan Carl Annarummo's Triptych Trencher project. Meticulously composed sound collage and noise novella. Equal parts oscillator spit, factory floor custodial work, prank calls to someone's grandma, and fluttering something-riffage. If you enjoyed the "Rival Sentinals" cassette on ESR, here is the next step in your journey.
White mini cd-rs inside a tri-fold laserprint/screenprint-combo cardstock jacket with inserts, inside a resealable plastic sleeve.
Numbered edition of 48.

Joshua McAbee and the (7/13) Moon "The Future Said The Past Was Never Present" c46
A long, shamanistic sonic journey from Michigan underspace dweller Joshua McAbee. Sounds of both familiar and curious origin combine in lo fi vignettes to carry the brain through murky pathways with no end. For fans of Michigan underground basement muckstyle sounds.
White cassettes with black & white & yellow artwork and diamond (7/13) labels.
Numbered edition of 50.  
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Israeli Intelligence "Buffalo Hump, Moon Face, Thin Skin" c20
Malformed and hyperactive harsh noise from the LBC. Furious, bludgeoning vocal and 'tronic hysteria, like a boiling tea kettle full of piss and vinegar. A-side is all frantic loogies and crunch, whereas the B-side is an overbearing brick wall that will give your teeth that tinfoil-feeling. Not unlike an American adolescent Masonna, under the influence of candy, or drugs, probably both.
White cassettes with b&w cardstock inserts and screenprinted labels.
Numbered edition of 50. 
Sold Out i think

Suicidal Tendons "Left Behind" cd-r
Final release from legendary Kelso, Washington harsh noise beast Suicidal Tendons (Barfing Dagger Recordings, The Sunken, Wall Of Blubber), who is currently blowing speakers as Redneck. Recordings based on the fear of aging and approaching death. Feedback loops are violently gutted, drained, and sewn back together to create hideous textures and frequencies. A true testament to Pacific Northwest Harsh Noise.
White discs and b&w inserts inside a black Grimepack™ with paste-on xerox & silver metallic screen printed covers.
Numbered edition of 50.

Skellaten "BRAT Grrrl" cd-r
Full length disc from the now-defunct Kelso, WA harsh noise project Skellaten. Stacy utilizes amplified knives and razors to disfigure records on the turntable, bleeding out heavy and crunchy distorted walls of harsh noise and shredded vinyl. Occasionally the storm subsides to reveal the mangled faces of Whitesnake, The Smiths, and other unfortunate victims...
White discs and b&w inserts inside a white Grimepack™ with fluorescent split-fountain & black screen printed artwork. 
Numbered edition of 50.

I Died "Globules" c20
Two doses of tape decomposition and hard electronics from Eugene, Oregon's I Died (Black & Purple Cassettes). Animal noises, unknown shrieks, and garbled human speech are pedal-mashed together in hot blasts of harsh noise, cracking open and spilling out their oozing psychedelic contents. 
Clear silver foil tapes with clear color labels inside double-sided color + b&w j-cards.
Numbered edition of 50.

Kaiser Wave "Smash To Fuck The Fucking System" c13
Unofficially released in 2009 for their final show, Grimeology is proud to present the final EP from deceased Burlington, Vermont powerviolence warriors Kaiser Wave, whose members have gone on to play in other excellent bands (DHC, Crucial Times, and Fleeting to name a few). Five songs of short & fast hardcore mayhem. For fans of No Comment, Crossed Out, Siege, Infest, and so on... B-side is the EP in reverse-o-mode. FACE THE KAISER WAVE!
Piss-yellow transparent tapes with b&w labels inside glossy double-sided printed b&w inserts with artwork by the band.
Edition of 100. (over half gone)

A Snake in the Garden / Jason EVIL Covelli "Biblical Manslaughter" split c60
Long overdue conceptual split release between Vermont's A Snake in the Garden and Wisconsin's Jason "EVIL" Covelli, based around the perversions within the Holy Bible. ASITG's side contains older recordings, recorded at a pivotal point in the project, documenting the axis where the end of the use of synthesizer meets the initial discovery and obsession of amplified scrap metal. Two tracks of creeping, musty, almost Post-Mortem style industrial noise tracks flanking a longer dense harsh noise piece. Covelli's side showcases his signature "spoken word rant" style. Recorded straight to tape, the side also has a "field recording" atmosphere to it, complete with the sounds of creaking screen doors, cigarette drags, and the buzzing cicadas of a humid Kenosha summer day. Definitely a unique and atypical split cassette. 
Double-sided black & white inserts with black & white printed labels on black tapes. 
Numbered edition of 50.
Sold Out

Grand Nord "Sept" mini cd-r
The seventh installment Pure Metal Fucking from Montreal's Brise-Cul label boss and Wapstan maniac Martin Sasseville. Two tracks of heavy and crushing harsh noise blend seamlessly together to produce one long twenty minute sculpture of cold, dense nihilism. An excellent use of dynamic layering creates a monstrous foundation of cone-shredding textures, with knife-like accents of mic feedback slashing through the epidermis of the wall. For those who like their noise loud, raw, bullshit-free, and KVLT. 
3" cd-r mounted on double-sided screen printed chipboard. 
Numbered edition of 50.



GRM001: Hooves For Hands "Iraq Is For Lovers" cd-r [2003]
GRM002: danger!raygun "the heavens are not too high" cd-r [2005]
GRM003: Grimeology "The Sampler" Vol. 1" cd-r [2005]
GRM004: pLYWOOD "The Creative Playthings EP" cd-r [2005]
GRM005: Pst Pst "Kiss and Punch" cd-r [2005]
GRM006: Thought Control "EP" cd-r [2005]
GRM007: Becca Herskovitz "Just Like The Water" cd-r [2005]
GRM008: A Snake in the Garden "Winter's Burn" c30 [2007]
GRM009: Oak / A Snake in the Garden "The Enchanted Forest" c28 [2007]
GRM010: Human Teratogen / Vestigial Limb split c30 [2007]
GRM011: Matthew Mayer "Curdled / Scummed" c30 [2007]
GMR012: Arklight "Aphasia" cd-r [2008]
GRM013: Triptych Trencher "Hallway For Chronic Liars" mini cd-r [2008]
GRM014: Celestial Indifference "Molehill Witchtrial" c20 [2008]
GRM015: Joshua McAbee and the (7/13) Moon "The Future Said The Past Was Never Present" c46 [2008]
GRM016: Israeli Intelligence "Buffalo Hump, Moon Face, Thin Skin" c20 [2009]
GRM017: Vestigial Limb "Divine Wind" c40 [2009]
GRM018: Suicidal Tendons "Left Behind" cd-r [2010]
GRM019: Skellaten "BRAT Grrrl" cd-r [2010]
GRM020: I Died "Globules" c20 [2010]
GRM021: Kaiser Wave "Smash To Fuck The Fucking System" c13 [2010]
GRM022: A Snake in the Garden / Jason Covelli "Biblical Manslaughter" split c60 [2011]
GRM023: Grand Nord "Sept" mini cd-r [2011]
GRM024: Sick To The Back Teeth "Balut" c30 [2013]
GRM025: Reverse Mouth "Supermuff / Bigass" c40 [2013]
GRM026: Crown Now "Famous Couples" c12 [2013]

GRM-FILM01: A Snake in the Garden "Live at 119" dvd-r [2008]

GRIMEPRESS01: Nicholas Venaglia "Cruel Summer" zine [2008]

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