Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Grime News Vol. III

Hello, hello, hello. Cold, frosty Grime News for you this evening:

///The triumphant return of PST PST is nigh. The long awaited second release from Worcester's premier free-improvisation group, "W.A.C.", is almost upon us. But for now, please enjoy TWO NEW TRACKS on the PST PST myspace page . Please enjoy and check Grime News in the future for more information on when W.A.C. will be available.

///Yet more myspace news: BECCA HERSKOVITZ now has a page! Please listen to some tracks from "Just Like The Water" (available now) and add her... she was declared the World's Nicest Person by Time Magazine. And she makes some damned good music, too.

///Now for everyone's favorite: Greg News. GREG AWESOME and GREG GROGACH have been hiding out in Connecticut somewhere working on an album called "Elephant Shoe" that no one really knows about. Thus is the mysterious way of the Greg. More information soon to come...

///It has been reported that the one, the only MADLIB AKA THE BEAT KONDUCTA placed a Grimeology sticker, courtesy of Grimeology life partner ZAC GALEN, on one of his turntables after the Stones Throw Chrome Children Tour show in Cambridge, MA. We fucking told you we were heavy in the streets, and you just wouldn't listen, would you. Well we are. Heavy in the streets that is.

///One more nail in the myspace news coffin: Burlington VT droners BATHOLITH (members of THE CUSH, NEST MATERIAL, HOOVES FOR HANDS) have a brand new recording up on their page entitled "Smoky Quartz" . Zone out to that one, and add them to your friends while you're at it.

Thats all we have for you this installment. Happy Hollerdays to all, and don't forget to visit again soon. We have a new year ahead of us just waiting to be doused with Grime.