Tuesday, January 29, 2008

/// 01.29.08 - WINTER'S BURNIN

First website update of the neu year is here, mid-ice storm.

/// SITE UPDATE. The new Non-Grime/Distro has planted its roots and I think I see buds. Got a fistful of copies of the A SNAKE IN THE GARDEN / POISON LIGHT split c40 on MPLS upstart label PHAGE TAPES. Its a real ripper, looks and sounds great. Many thanks to Sam and Ray for gettin this thing together. Six bucks, and all dollars will go right into the Grimefund for future releases. Whats in store for the Distro in the future? Some 'zines from NICHOLAS VENAGLIA and NEGATION IS FREEDOM, and hopefully a hand-picked assortment of music, art, clothing, and stuff from the best of the best. Also updated the LINKS page with some new friends to check out. Other new jewels hidden throughout.

/// Speaking of NEW RELEASES, just finished dubbing the CELESTIAL INDIFFERENCE cassettes, and wrapping up the artwork. This is one ugly slab, can't wait to get it out there... also received masters from SUICIDAL TENDONS, SKELLATEN, and I DIED, coincidentally all from the Pacific Northwest. All top-notch sounds, can't wait for these things to be birthed.

/// A SNAKE IN THE GARDEN's homepage has also been updated will all fresh info. Many upcoming audio exorcisms in store for 08.

/// TURKEY P will be headed to FRISCO this friday for a vacation from a vacation, so in the rare case that anyone orders something from THE STORE during that week, I'll get it out ASAP when I return. Anyone that knows of any cool record stores, shows, burrito stands, trees, etc... hollar : grimeology at gmail dot com.

/// TWIN PEAKS is incredible.

unusually pure,