Friday, February 22, 2008


///If you're gonna be around the MONTREAL, QUEBEC slash NORTHERN VERMONT tomorrow, you should be at the COSMIC TWIN PARTY at LE CAGIBI in MONTREAL!

Brise-Cul Records et Panosrpria vous présentent :
(Brise-Cul Records and Panospria presents :)

(ITFOR and KH4n's 28th anniversary birthday party)

(Nimalan Yoganathan, Martin Sasseville + Kevin Hainey et Cabral Jacobs)
(La troupe d'élite ..e-Des-Neiges est de retour. Cette fois-ci elle est accompagnée par Cabral Jacobs de Dead Bush et Kevin Hainey du célèbre groupe torontois Disguises. / The Côte-Des-Neiges resistance is back!!! Featuring guests Cabral Jacobs from Dead Bush on Sax and manipulations and KEVIN FUCKING HAINEY from Toronto's Disguises who will come to celebrate his 28th anniversary with us on drums)

(Matt Mayer)
(Explosion bruitiste de notre verdoyant voisin du Burlington VermonT. /KVLT harsh noise! Grimeology Records)

(Constantine Katsiris, Katherine Kline)
(Le plus panospriatique des perfermeurs de Montreal est de retour de sa Saskatchewan natale et perfomera en compagnie de notre astrologue préférée, Céline Beyond, connue pour ses actions indiestrielle dans Dreamcatcher./ Back from a long Saskatchewan trip, the panospriatic king teams with indiestrial zen mother Celine Beyond for tons of love!)

(Josh Bastien, Shub Roy)
(Le célèbre duo d'Ottawa relocalisé à Montréal est de retour et vous détruira les tympans avec ses sons lourds et discordants/ Ottawa's greatest moment since Senators' last Stanley Cup in 1927...)

+ special surprise!!!

(yeah, Drainolith was supposed to performed (as written on the poster) but can't so Akisakila will play instead

Feb 23rd!
Le Cagibi, 5490 St-Laurent
21h / 9 pm
Contributions Volontaires / Pay What You Can

This will be A SNAKE IN THE GARDEN's first ever international exorcism. Excited to get grimey for our northen neighbors. Hope to see you there!

///Although we here at GRIMEOLOGY have been sold out of GRM009: OAK / A SNAKE IN THE GARDEN "THE ENCHANTED FOREST" SPLIT/COLLAB c28 for quite a bit now, I know a place where you can still score some. OAK themselves now has the final SEVEN copies of this slab. Thats right, SEVEN, which in case you didn't know if the GRIMIEST of all numbers, ever. Originally released for the OAK / A SNAKE IN THE GARDEN 'ENCHANTED FOREST TOUR' in summer 2007, this tape was directly responsible for sparking the NU NEW AGE spirits inside us all. People became warriors. A track from each band on one side, and a fourteen minute collaborative summoning on the B side. Check out the LINKS section of the site for a review from CASSETTE GODS (down at the bottom there). If you would like to get in touch with OAK for a copy, email OAKCODEX AT GMAIL DOT COM or check out their MYSPACE page to get in touch.

///Bling-related issues have put some long-overdue CD-R releases on the backburner once again, but the next bundle of GRIME cakes are gonna be heaty: CELESTIAL INDIFFERENCE, TRIPTYCH TRENCHER, ARKLIGHT, and JOSHUA MCABEE will be some names amidst the filth. Get excited, I am. Seriously every master I get is a total banger, we feel very fortunate.