Saturday, March 08, 2008

/// 03.08.08

Anyone in the BURLINGTON, VT area tonight should really check out a heavy show...

tonight at midnight at the RADIO BEAN (8 N. Winooski Ave.) in Burlington, Vermont... foul-weather winter vibes are to be dropped. late night style, only for the chosen few heavy enough to brave the rapidly falling ice. For those who aren't acquainted, THE LE DUO is a free/noise/jazz/improv band with a rotating cast of musicians, all held together by the backbone shred drumming of JB LEDOUX. tonight's lineup with include Chris, Sara-Paule, and Toby of OAK, Matt from A SNAKE IN THE GARDEN, and Jay from SOLAH, of which JB is also a member. should be a solid show, step out of the freeze and enter the Bean! hope to see you there.