Tuesday, May 13, 2008


It's been a while, but we finally have some new GRIMEOLOGY releases ready to go. Real psyched about these: two releases, each in a medium new to the label. Also a sweet site update. But first, the goods:


The birth of Grimepress comes to us in the form of an exclusive zine by artist/musician and purebred grimer Nicholas Venaglia. "Cruel Summer" is a new collection of found items, photography, drawing, and collage. A cryptic and personal journey constructed in Albuquerque, New Mexico while on easter holiday in 2008, masterfully xeroxed for the true photocopy fetishist.
Black and white, 12 pages, hand-numbered and labeled by the artist himself. Edition of 10.
$3 PPD (US)


Our first theatrical Grimeology release. Live action from A Snake In The Garden filmed at 119 Gallery in Lowell, MA in December of 2007. Features live performance of the material on the "Sword Without A Sheath" cassette, which was a very limited tape released by ASITG for a string of live shows in Winter 07 throughout New England and NYC.
Unique hand-inked 'rorschach' splats on heavy red stock, hand-painted disc labels, and info sheet. Approx. 13 minutes. First edition of 5 copies.
$5 PPD (US)

To order, please visit THE STORE!

///Also a couple items added to the new DISTRO section of the store, including another zine by NICHOLAS VENAGLIA entitled "College Hazing," and a cassette by JOSHUA MCABEE AND THE (7/13) MOON entitled "Accidentally Transcending" from Gainesville, Florida's HOUSECRAFT RECORDINGS.

Arklight "Aphasia" cd-r
Celestial Indifference "Molehill Witchtrial" c20
Joshua McAbee and the (7/13) Moon "The Future Said The Past Was Never Present" c46

...coming in about a month.

///Also, we have recently updated the GRIMEOLOGY site with some new crud. First off, the DISCOG section now has images for all past GRIMEOLOGY releases (except for GRM003: THE SAMPLER VOL. I - somehow we forgot to save one for the Grime archives. wack move)! In addition, updated the SHOWS section with some killer live happenings that everyone should attend. And of course, don't forget to click on the crystal to listen to A COSMIC ATTUNEMENT with Tobra and Turkey P, streaming live to you every Saturday at 5pm on THE RADIATOR. The STORE also has an updated paypal system... instead of 'buy now' buttons, we set up a shopping cart system so you can easily buy multiple copies of everything there, if you wanted to. Which you do. Also threw up an International Shipping button for our foreign friends, because US postage has gone up yet again. Finally, we added some new links to the best of the best bands, labels, and organizations that deserve your checking out.

...Thats all for now, expect another hot load of Grime plopping sometime in June. Til then...

still not lovin police,