Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Saturday March 7th 2009


Fucked Up Music:
with Heaven People, Arabian Blade, RATS COPS, tooth ache., Lawrence Welks and our Bear to Cross, Tucker Andrews

@ Radio Bean, 8 N. Winooski Ave, Burlington VT

FREE _ 10pm

This Saturday, a slew of dirty pop, dirgy noise, psychedelic head space, and outsider-hardcore comes to the Radio Bean. This show or "Fest" welcomes out-of-towners Heaven People and Arabian Blade (both from CT) along with a collection of relatively newer Burlington projects. Their styles may not be the thing in common is...FUCKED UP MUSIC.

tooth ache.

fresh off her tour to the slimey south, miss alexandria hall brings her dirty beats and lovely rhymes. she'll make you want to grind your teeth and dance with the bears. the lady is... $$$$


hardcore by intent...proto-bro, cop-killin, trash worship. "a flurry of wife beater pseudo dirtbag thrash jams and goon raga" has also been said. stay away cops!

Lawrence Welks and our Bear to Cross

LW&OB2X has stripped beautiful pop music of all its refinement and has left it with only a rusty skeleton made of pure harmony and melody. only the harmony and melody have been marinating in grime since '87. and yes, "Catch Me On The Phone" is Billboard bound. They also never fail to clear out every place they play!!

Tucker Andrews

a true sound warrior..tucker has brought some of the deepest, meditative spaces as well as fist-pumping oscillator blasts. for Saturday, Tucker describes his music as "practice and meter"

Arabian Blade

from New Haven, CT...sweet bros we met during the Oak/Snake tours of 07/08. I haven't seen these dudes live yet but based on recordings sounds like dirgy gutter electronics...nautical industrial. Dont close your eyes or else you will find yourself in the Gutter!

Heaven People

also from New Haven, CT...consists Danny Moore and Kryssi Battalene.. .sounds like a bottomless well of reverb-laden thumb pianos, gliding strings, static slurpskritch with the ornate detailing of a Faberge egg or simply TRANCED OUT HEADSPACE....Be carefuly not to loose your head during these guys' set.