Sunday, May 10, 2009


Eyo. Ripped a website update today so just wanted to give a brief rundown:

• Grimeology HQ has RELOCATED. Still in Burlington, but just on the other side of town. See the CONTACTS page to know where to send us trinkets and gifts.

• SHOWS page has been updated. This is gonna be a summer of slaughter here in the Queen City, so many good shows coming up and so many that have recently happened. Really excited for the future.

• STOCK UPDATE. Couple things are running low, grip while you can:

/// GRM015: Joshua McAbee and the (7/13) Moon "The Future Said The Past Was Never Present" c46 :: 4 COPIES LEFT
/// GRM017: Vestigial Limb "Divine Wind" c40 :: 5 COPIES LEFT
/// Nicholas Venaglia "College Hazing" zine :: 1 COPY LEFT

til next time,