Wednesday, November 28, 2007

/// 11.28.07

Its late, its snowing... something something.. uh, Grimeology! stuff.

|||| Small update / new happenings on the website. Figured it would be nice to make an option to go to 'home,' so there ya go. Quantity update on THE ENCHANTED FOREST cassette... only two of those remaining, so if yr interested now would be the time to scoop one. Still a couple handfuls left of the HxTx / VxLx split tape and the Matthew Mayer tape.

|||| Also updated are a couple new upcoming releases that we are psyched to announce. The first is the "Molehill Witchtrial" c20 by California pedal fucker CELESTIAL INDIFFERENCE. The second is a split c42 between Kentucky blackened beast VESTIGIAL LIMB and Australian harsh jazz unit EMESIS. Personally I cannot wait for both of these. Total shred.

|||| A SNAKE IN THE GARDEN now has his own personal page off the Grimeology main site. Pretty much all the info you never wanted to know is on there, including a (mostly?) complete show-ography. All info on upcoming SNAKE live exorcisms and releases can be found on there as well, and will be updated accordingly. Go to dude.

Thats it. Gotta update the AUDIOVISUAL section of the site soon because I was digging in the Grimeology Vaults yesterday (i'm unemployed) and stumbled across some hilarious and Grimey recordings from thee olden days of Grime, including the first ever Grimeology recording "grimey 808" (fruity loops worship) by Matt and Adam, and a groundbreaking scratch practice file from none other than STU. Check back soon and I will share these treasures.